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Keep your leather, suede and fur garment in top condition with our leather,  suede, and fur cleaning and repair services. We provide complete and efficient service to help save your garment and your money!


Just get in touch with Sun’s Family Dry Cleaners today to learn more about our leather, suede and fur cleaning services.

  • Cleaning (leather and fur)

  • Reservation (leather and fur)

  • Restoration (leather and fur)

  • Repair (leather and fur)

  • Stain removal (leather and fur)

  • Odor removal (leather and fur)

  • Moisturizing (leather)

  • And More


When your leather needs to be cleaned, bring it in to us. As we utilize an industry expert for special care, you can rest assured that your expensive leather will be in the best hands possible.

Avoid damaging your leather by choosing us

Leather, Suede, and Fur Cleaning and Repair

Cleaned clothes

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for first-time customers.

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